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THE Case Form

Our system outputs the complete CASE form as we know it with the members data printed over the top, meaning that all the information you and your Regional office expects will be included with the form. Enabling you to easy adjust to using the digital case form system.

Fully Responsive

Designed to function on any modern browser, on any device adjusting its size dynamically, removing barriers to completion.

Digital Signatures

Our system ensures that the member reads and understands the Conditions for providing assistance before completing the form, it also captures the members signature and prints this on the case form.

Lightning speeds

Send a case form to a member in less than 1 minute, as soon as its done you will be notified by email and the case form will available on your dedicated dashboard.

Stay in control

With the CASE dashboard you can see the status of each of your case forms, send reminders to members, complete the branch half of the form, upload files and more!

Upload Files

No more lost email attachments, Members can upload their documents when completing the form. They can even take a picture on their phone of any paper documents! You have full access to the uploaded files at any time on any device and you can even upload files directly to the case file too! When the file is referred into the region, the files go with it.

Refer a case

Decide to refer a case in using the system* or complete the branch section of the form and send it in by email, your choice.
*The South West region are accepting referrals via this route, other regions may vary.

Proudly Created

The Case form system was designed and created by a Branch employed member of staff to improve efficiency within their branch, when the pandemic hit it was opened up to ALL branches to use and has continued to grow since then with loads of new features. The system is now being used by 132 Branches and has processed 12012 Case forms since April 2020. Thats 72072 Pages of paper saved!